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About company

KFP is an educational company specialized in finance, which strives to increase financial literacy in the Czech Republic and helps people to reach financial independence.  To complete such a mission we utilize our tutors’ long experience in the field and unique know-how, based on the “play and learn” principle, which results in proven and measurable improvements on the customer’s side.

Activities in the field of financial literacy

One of our aims is to improve financial literacy education in schools. For this purpose we created the course “How to teach financial literacy attractively and enjoyably”, which is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education and in which more than 300 schools participated last year.

The course takes 4 hours and its main goal is to demonstrate to participants how to teach financial literacy practically and enjoyably. Here are a few of the participants' comments:

„There are only a few seminars really beneficial both for my school work and me personally. This is one of them.”
Petr Werner, Třeboň

„The biggest contribution of this course for me personally is the fact it saved my time. It provides comprehensive information, all in one place, which cannot be found elsewhere. It would take me ages to gather them all. Little push, big impact."
Ondřej Chobot, Kolín

„Financial literacy is explained in an enjoyable way. Illustrative examples will definitely help me both at school work and in my own financial situation too“.
Alena Hořavová, Javorník

In addition, participants of the course can get 40 methodical guidelines for different topics on personal finance, which simplify and clearly outline financial literacy education. Moreover, teachers can attend a correspondence course of complex skills to gain profound knowledge in the field of personal finance. 

And above all, the FAMILY FINANCE board game is the most suitable tool for financial literacy education.

The FAMILY FINANCE board game

We introduced the game on the Czech and Slovak market after 5 years of development, at the end of year 2008.

The game is, among others, used by:
  • Major Czech banks as a tutorial tool.
  • Financial advisors to demonstrate financial principles and importance of their recommendations to clients.
  • Teachers to educate students on financial literacy in schools.

A few testimonials for the game:

"The Family Finance game is both entertaining and engaging to play. Far more important than its entertainment value are the lessons it teaches. It is amazingly accurate in it's depiction of the real life consequences both good and bad of the economic choices made by the player over thein respektive game/life chronology. The game is a brilliant solution to a tremendous and fundamental global educational need. Accordingly I believe it to have significant social and commercial potential in the US
and abroad."
Barry Knight, President, Next Financial, United States

Barry Knight, president of Next Financial (on the left) and Paul Karasik, self-made man, playing Family Finance.

"Financial education is sorely needed.  Unfortunately, it still does not have a place in most school curriculums and, given tight school-district budgets, is unlikely to be added to students' course options anytime soon.
 So it falls to the private sector to educate students-- and adults, for that matter, who also, to their great risk, often lack in financial literacy.  The Family Finances game is really a game in name only.  In fact, it is a wonderful tool for helping people arrive at a better understanding of their personal finances and the whole subject of money in general.  It would be wonderful if the game became popular, as all by itself it could make an important contribution to social well-being."
John Carey, portfolio manager, Pioneer Fund, United States

John Carey and the board game Family Finance.

For more information please contact Petr Pavlásek on +420 602 790 222 or PP@kfp.cz.

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